Today, the key to marketing is having more photos in your marketing content.

How can you get more photos into your content? The Presentation Brochure!

Unfolding as large as 25” x 33”, the Presentation Brochure offers you an almost unlimited variety of options for arranging your photos and text. Working with our talented custom brochure designer, you can create the perfect Presentation Brochure for your business!

Marketing has evolved to meet Americans where they are. According to Dr. Fitzhugh Dodson, the average American reads at a fourth (4th.) grade level. According to the job-hunting web site, Ladders, the average amount of time spent reviewing resumes is a scant 4-6 SECONDS. This means that photography is even more relevant to your marketing strategy than ever before; photography allows you to capture the attention of your clients and stand out in a vast pool of competitors. 

Photos help you

  • get your customers’ attention,
  • deliver a message using no words
  • establish a non-verbal connection with your customer
  • curate photos with viral potential
  • establish your brand’s credibility
  • tap into your clients’ emotions
  • inspire your clients into taking action (CTA)
  • encourage more customer engagement
  • build trust
  • and close more sales.

Printing Expressly for You is one of the only printers in this area with the equipment capable of creating these gorgeous Presentation Brochures.

Come in today and let’s start creating a Presentation Brochure to generate more sales for your business!