You know those tall flags you see posted outside an ice cream shop (with the flavor of the day) or cell phone store (with a deal you can’t resist)? Those are feather flags and businesses all over America have discovered how these fabric signs moved gently by a passing breeze can increase their sales. Here are just three ways:

  1. By having a feather flag at the curb in front of your business, you catch the attention of potential customers driving, riding, or walking past your store who might not even know you are there. Your flag let’s them know the products and services that you offer and allows them to find your business when they need you.
  2. By having a feather flag at the entrance to your store, you direct customers to cross your threshold. In a busy strip mall, a feather flag helps you stand out from your neighbors and attract new customers quicker!
  3. By having a feather flag next to your booth at an indoor convention, you attract potential customers and suppliers to your table—allowing you to make more sales and build your list of potential suppliers (who might offer you a better deal than your current suppliers which saves you money!)

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