In a world where just about anyone and everyone has access to Microsoft Office, and the ability to create middle school-esque advertisements, businesses need a way to stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of their customers before the competition! Don’t get caught with the same design as someone else – find a custom printing company that can craft everything you need – an all-in-one print shop!  

Custom printing companies, such as Printing Expressly For You (PEFY), specialize in creative solutions for your printing needs, from custom business cards to signage and brochures, pop-up tents and other promotional items, we pride ourselves on producing print solutions that are cost effective and turn heads, while making the administrative side of things quick, easy, and simple for business owners, marketing managers, and small mom and pop shops that may not understand the technology at hand.

Researching a printer before you begin a print job is important in making sure your materials will arrive when you need them and in top quality. Not all printing companies are created the same, which is why asking specific questions is important for the success of your print marketing materials. Keep reading for the top 5 questions to ask your potential custom printing company.


How long have you been in business and do you have full time employees?

Longevity matters when it comes to the printing industry. Understanding trends over time helps to form the best custom printing companies. Having full time employees shows how dedicated the custom printer is to consistency for their customers. The printing industry is slow to change, which means it can take years before a trend has shifted. Experienced print shops can help pivot to accommodate current trends, and can even offer suggestions on how best to advertise certain situations.

Printing Expressly For You has been in business for over 15 years, serving businesses in almost every industry, providing one-of-a-kind print solutions! PEFY has an entire team of full-time employees, including two Graphic Designers, one Production Expert, and “The Print Guy” himself, dedicated to making your custom print marketing materials truly yours. If there is something you aren’t sure can be done, just ask – Bill is a problem solver!



What types of products are able to be custom printed?

A quality custom print shop should be able to provide you with a list of standard items that are customizable, as well as a list of items that can be customized when purchased in large quantities. When selecting a local printing service that fits your needs, think about not only paper print marketing, but also the promotional marketing materials that you will utilize down the road. This can include pens, A-Frames, Event Tents, Table Throws, and Name Badges that provide a cohesive brand across all platforms. 

Custom printing isn’t just your customized logo, branding and words – it can also include things like the texture of the paper used for your business cards, or the vibrancy of colors on your table throw. PEFY offers a variety of textures to our customers such as suede UV business cards, Silk Foil business cards, and even square cards – which customers seem to really enjoy! Our favorite thing to tell customers is “CUSTOMER EVERYTHING!!!!” because we love working on custom projects!


Can you work within my budget?

It’s important to consider your marketing budget before deciding if the local printer near you is the best for your business marketing needs. You don’t need to have an exact number, but it is good to have a ballpark idea of how many varieties of marketing materials you are sourcing. If you only need rack cards, business cards, and a table throw, it might be easy to know quantities and to determine if a printer is affordable. However, if you have many sizes, shapes, and types of custom print items, knowing if a custom printing company can work on a bulk pricing level is important. This can drastically reduce your cost of printing, which makes that printer even more affordable for your needs.

Printing Expressly For You is able to work within any budget, and is even able to create a custom online print shop for your business printing needs! Bill loves working with business owners to create online print shops, stocked with pre-approved designs that allow for easy online (and even after hours) ordering! Our team is trained to look at all options for each project that comes in, and works with each customer to provide affordable marketing solutions.


Can you create and design my marketing materials?

One of the main benefits of using a local custom print shop, is knowing the team that works on your projects. If you aren’t gifted in the creativity department, describing your vision to a graphic designer can seem daunting, and even scary. Feeling confident in your overall branding, logo design, and color choices make a huge difference in your ability to sell your products. 

That’s why Printing Expressly For You has two dedicated and highly skilled graphic designers who work to design custom marketing pieces for businesses of all sizes. Our designers can take a napkin sketch or freehand mockup and turn it into something tangible and amazing. Since our designers are the ones creating your materials, you can rest assured that nothing will be improperly cropped, that colors don’t bleed, and that your logo is crisp and clean on the item.


Does custom printing even really make a difference?

Absolutely! A recent study showed that 84% of Americans remember a company’s name after receiving custom printed items such as calendars, pens, brochures, rack cards, business cards, and promotional materials. These items also provide long-term advertisements for your business. Everytime the customer uses your pen or hangs your calendar on their wall, they will be reminded of your business, service and products! Print marketing is also (still) the most affordable marketing solution, with the best return on investment. Any smart business owner is taking advantage of customized print marketing materials, sharing their love and passion for their business and products with the world! 

No matter what your business printing needs are, you should pick a local printing company that can produce products you are happy with, that include vibrant colors, crisp lines, and are going to help you succeed, especially when considering custom printing projects. Custom printing can easily become expensive when mistakes are made, which is why Printing Expressly For You prides itself on ensuring we get the customer’s stamp of approval before sending off any files to our production team. We want your print items to look the way you imagined them!

Custom printing isn’t something just any print shop can do. Having a knowledgeable and reputable custom print shop takes years of experience, and understanding of how to best serve businesses with varieties of needs. Printing Expressly For You is the custom printing company you need! Our customers love our ability to create stunning high quality designs, deliver top of the line products, and are constantly raving to Bill about the speed at which our clients receive their marketing materials, the professionalism, and the affordable prices. If your next project needs a dash or a whole bucket of customization, PEFY is the place for you. Give us a call and see how we can help propel your print marketing materials today!