September in the Pacific Northwest brings about a certain feeling. The leaves are changing colors, kids are going back to school, the air has a crisp smell each morning and small business owners are getting back to business now that the long summer days are over! Business owners are cranking up their end of year marketing endeavors and are making plans for next year’s forecasts, analyzing what worked and what didn’t. If we were to take a look at your previous print marketing, what would your grades look? If they could use some improvement, look no further than the top 5 things your business needs to get an A+ this month, and set yourself up for success next year! Printing Expressly For You (PEFY) is your friendly local printing company ready to help tackle any business print need from business cards to notepads, calendars, mouse pads and more!


 Include the Senses

Technology is amazing   isn’t it? We can print texture on your marketing materials, helping your items stand out from the rest! Included on some Suede with Raised Spot UV Business Cards, Silk Foil Business Cards, or Square Business Cards! Your customers will love holding your business cards with our suede options! Some businesses have even found ways to add scent to their marketing materials, such as perfume companies and spas!

Remember you have more than just touch and scent to consider. Think about how your print materials sound when they are dropped onto a counter (the weight of your paper), and how visually appealing your materials are. Images, fonts, colors, the actual words, sizing, layout, your logo all play key factors in how your business is experienced by your customers.

Invest in a Good Design(er)

Oftentimes, it’s not the words on your print materials that will initially attract your customers attention, but instead it’s the design and graphics! Without an eye-catching design, you may be losing customers who would love your product! Sure you could spend hours painstakingly designing your print materials, but is that really how you want to spend your time? Marketing is usually the last thing business owners think about!

If you want to make sure your marketing materials are going to grab your customers attention, trust the professionals (like our team! to design your marketing materials. We have years of training and experience, so we know how to best utilize your options available at PEFY. The right designer can create the right design for your business ! The best part about using a good designer, is how much it takes off of your plate! Your marketing materials will be cohesive, your stress load will be lower, and you can focus on the important parts of your business – like creating products!


Don’t Skimp on Print Quality

One of the biggest mistakes business owners can make is going with the commercial printer, or worse, printing at home, because it is the “most affordable”. Stop right there! That’s not true! Commercial printing can’t offer the same customer service, or print quality that a local printing company can. Printing at home or your office works great for school papers, assignments, or kids projects. But marketing materials should be printed using high quality printers, with experienced operators to yield the best results. Print quality can make such a difference, and can definitely aid in raising your marketing grade this year!

Customers can tell when you’re handing out marketing materials on the cheapest paper, with the worst ink quality, and unfortunately that usually will be a reflection of what your customers feel they can expect from the quality of your products as well – which isn’t true! Using a quality print shop means your materials will be top-notch as well! The colors will be more vibrant and true, you don’t have to worry about images being pixelated, grainy or blurry, and the paper quality will be able to withstand the needs of your business. Weather won’t pose a problem when you are using a local printing company as well.


Connect with your Customer Digitally

If you aren’t using QR codes to connect your print marketing materials with your online presence, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to market your business to a younger generation! You can get creative by offering a limited time coupon code after scanning your QR code, taking them directly to your website, or even giving access to some other type of deal that can only be accessed through the specific QR code. 

In a world of social media, invite your customers to connect with you on Facebook or Instagram. Include a hashtag (#) in your print material content for your customers to utilize when sharing about your products, services and business. Make your hashtag unique enough to your business to not get muddied by thousands of other people’s businesses, but broad enough to reach new (potential) customers.

Update your Swag

If you are handing out outdated calendars, mouse pads, or business card notepads to customers and employees; consider getting them updated! Have them redesigned by a professional designer, and utilize a print shop to ensure your materials have the best print quality, color vibrancy, and design to make your customers need your product and your employees to actually use the swag – not just toss it in their desk drawer.

Many people do still find it very satisfying to peel off the old month’s calendar page and throw it in the trash, so include a few business card calendars for 2022 in this year’s swag bags for next employees, welcoming them back to the work place after almost 2 years of working from home! Stickers, pens, and magnets are all options to include in your swag bags, or to hand out along with your print materials!

As kids are getting back to school, and business owners have more time to dedicate to their business, it’s important to remember that print marketing is still the most effective and affordable marketing that exists! Letting your grade slip in the marketing department could cost you thousands of dollars, hours of time, and hundreds of customers, especially if you don’t use a professional printing company, with a team of dedicated designers to help your business create the perfect campaign! 


Printing Expressly For You’s team is here to help raise your grade and set you up for success for the last 3 months of the year! Think of us as a tutor, helping you along the way, and just like a student we know the holidays take people’s attention away from business for the last few weeks of the year. Take advantage of your time now to set yourself up with a custom online print shop, a private portal stocked with pre-approved, branded designs for marketing materials. PEFY clients love the private shop because it is affordable, reliable, and an easy way to order. If you’re ready to see improvement in your marketing, give us a call and let’s take a look at what you’ve been doing, and how to make a few changes that will bring your grade from a C- to an A+!