What is a feather flag?

The quickest answer is that a feather flag business signage which can be flown outdoors (at the curb to bring attention to your business) or indoors (at a convention to call attention to your booth). Because they are mounted vertically on a pole, feather flags are tall, colorful banners which catch the eye of your passer-by. It’s very likely that you have seen feather flags in front of car dealerships, retail shops, and auto repair businesses. Since feather flags are easy to set up and offer you an impressive return on your investment, let’s talk about how feather flags can help your business increase sales.

How can your business benefit from feather flags?

Feather flags are a great way to catch the attention of those who drive, bike, or walk past your store front—allowing you to become top of their minds when they need watch repair, clothing altered, a web site design, or to buy just the right gift for a special friend. In an otherwise mundane field of view, your feather flag can mark the entrance to your store, advertise a sale or new product, and quite simply attract an audience of people who might not know of your business…until they saw your feather flag! If you want to get your business noticed—positively—get a feather flag from Printing Expressly for You!

Businesses like yours have benefited from posting their own feather flags. Gas stations, income tax preparers, restaurants, car washes, and cell phone stores have all increased their sales by having feather flags in front of their businesses—feather flags which bring in new customers! For indoor locations like conventions and trade shows, feather flags bring attention to your booth, helping new customers find you easily!

At Printing Expressly for You, we can help you design your feather flag in the branded colors of your business as well as your logo and any words you want to add. These banners are printed on the finest fabric for the purpose which can give you years of excellent return on your investment. Call us today at (360) 885-2045 or drop us an e-mail at: office@pefy.net and let’s get started designing your perfect feather flag!