Remember the old saying “out of sight, out of mind?” In an increasingly digitized world, all our “sight” is relegated to a screen.

As a result, advertising has become a memory game with commercials, for example, opting for entertaining bits instead of informational presentations in the hope that the viewer will remember them.

However, not everything has been digitized. One such prevalent example is notepads. Whether you’re making a grocery list, a to-do list, or just taking notes, notepads are still used every day by businesses and individuals alike.

There is just something about writing on paper that will never go away. That is why notepads have become one of the most popular promotional products you can invest in.


Brand Awareness

Unlike a lot of advertisements these days, notepads are actually useful and therefore provide something valuable.

Notepads are also affordable and, as Huff Post noted, “stationary.” In other words, they are seen every day and they are used every day.

That is why we at Printing Express Kolor will make custom notepads for you with your logo, business card info, or message on them so that you can give your clients (or potential clients) something useful that also daily promotes your business.

You may be thinking that you already have business cards, so why give out notepads too? Business cards are great, but they don’t really have a personal touch to them, nor do they get as much “face time” with the potential client as a notepad does.

Your business card will probably end up in a wallet and may or may not be forgotten. However, a notepad will end up on a desk and will be seen and used every day.

Every time a client writes something down, they will see your branding on the notepad. There is also the potential for the client to hand a note to someone else—thereby increasing your brand awareness.



Any business owner knows that referrals are key to any good business model. But, how can a client refer you to someone else if they don’t remember you! That is one reason why notepads have become such a popular promotional gift.

Notepads are in sight and therefore in mind. Not only that, but unlike a business card, a notepad is essentially a bundle of business cards.

If you have your company’s information printed on the pages of a notepad, then all your client has to do is “rip” a page off and hand it to another potential customer. That makes referrals an easy and hassle-free process.

No more searching through wallets, desks, purses, etc. Instead, just rip and give.


Relationship Building

There is a reason why businesses will give out coffee mugs, frisbees, hats, shirts, etc. with their branding on them. It not only creates brand awareness but also a personal connection between the receiver and the giver.

Everyone likes getting gifts, and it is not hard to remember who gave what—especially if your branding is on it.

Business cards are useful promotional tools, but no one receives a business card and thinks of it as a gift.

However, that is not the case with a notepad. A notepad is something that can be used every day like a shirt or a mug, and it is something that is more than necessary.

By “more than necessary” I mean that while a business card may be necessary as a source of information, a notepad takes it one step further and adds usability and everyday value to your client’s life.

As a result, notepads are seen as a gift and therefore are associated, as cheesy as it sounds, with a warm feeling. This, thereby, increases positivity towards your brand and builds a positive relationship between you and your client.


How It Works

All this talk about notepads would be useless if you can’t act on it. So, here is how it works:

You send us your logo, message, or even business card, and we will print that onto a notepad of your choice or design. We offer custom notepads that come in many colors and sizes of your choosing.

We also offer standard notepads like to-do lists, lined notepads, and even blank ones. All you have to do is let us know what you want, and we’ll handle the rest!

The good news is that we have a discount on what is called “2-color printing” which allows for more complex-colored designs and creates vibrant and eye-catching results.

This will make your notepad stand out and not seem like a “cheap” gift.


Final Thoughts

Notepads are being used every day in businesses and in homes; so, why not make them yours? Think of it as advertising that “sticks.” It’s not a “one and done” advertising like commercials; instead, it’s a daily ad for your business that costs you very little.

In other words, it is a great, affordable, and effective option to increase brand awareness, referrals, and customer relations!