Picture of Bill's Uncle Richard as a kid in Brooklyn, NY

Not Your Ordinary Printer

Left: Bill’s Uncle Richard as a kid in Brooklyn, NY.

Our Story

In 1979, when other teenage boys were hanging out at home playing video games, Bill Willis was hanging out in his uncle’s garage learning the printing trade and listening to Styx’ “Babe” on the radio. He fell in love with printing at his first job at a print shop in Los Angeles, California where he learned to run an 8-color web press. He became fascinated with the printing processes and technologies and learned everything from old school techniques (laying out art boards and making negatives used to burn to plate) to computer-to-plate technology (CTP).

As a young adult, Bill kept a press in his garage, running print jobs for friends. He worked on weekends and evenings while holding another full-time job. In 2001, when a friend was laid off from his job, Bill hired him to run the press so Bill could take on more work.

As more and more work kept coming in, Bill was able to quit his full-time job to run his new printing company—Printing Expressly for You (PEFY) was born.

Today, Bill employs an experienced staff at his Vancouver location. Using state-of-the-art technology, PEFY proudly provides the community and business owners with cost-effective, quality printing using “green” methods whenever and wherever possible. Bill’s fascination with the art of printing has never waned. As owner of Printing Expressly for You, Bill strives for the best printing processes available so that his company can continue to provide a superior product for many years to come.

It only takes one person to change the life of another.


In Memory of My Uncle

Richard Coniglio