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Doorhangers are used to promote a consistent marketing message or campaign throughout a desired area. The hard to miss hanger makes this a high visibility marketing and promotion solution. Whether you are a landscaper, realtor, roofer, restaurant or practically any business that deals with the public, we have an effective and hard-working doorhanger printing for you.

Make an Impact with Door Hangers

All doorhangers come with a die-cut hole for easier hanging and are printed on high-quality, thick cardstock with your choice of gloss or matte coating. Sizes can vary based on your needs. One of the most common sizes available is 3.5” x 8.5”, however 4.25” x 11” is popular if you need more room for your message or image-heavy designs.

Popular Uses for Doorhanger Marketing

  • Use them to distribute coupons for money off a product. Doorhangers can be die cut to allow easy coupon removal.
  • Promote a sale or event in the neighborhood around your location.
  • Introduce a new product or service in which you want to receive a good response for.
  • Personalize your message for very specific areas for maximum impact.

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