The simple content and design of a rack card should catch your customers attention while they walk by, and answer their immediate question without too much work. If you’ve ever visited a Welcome Center, a music festival, farmers market, or any sort of tourist attraction, chances are you’ve seen a wall of beautiful and brightly colored rack cards. Marketing teams know the power of rack cards and have used their enticing abilities for decades. While those large businesses might have graphic designers on staff to create beautiful designs, the best local business printer, Printing Expressly For You has a team of experienced graphic designers who you can help make your vision a reality. 


Tips for using rack cards

Size matters. Is your card going to be sitting next to 20 others, with similar products, how can you differentiate your amazing product and business from the others? Simple – use a slightly different size. Perhaps your card is slightly larger than the others – great! This means it will stick out, landing you more business but it also means you need to have a strong Call-to-Action (CTA) with a plan for how you are going to convert potential customers into buying customers. You want your marketing efforts to have a good return on investment, so make sure you are aware of other promotional materials that may be present near you.

Consider the colors of the image(s) you are going to be using. Are they bright and eye-catching? Or are they dark and difficult to see? If your images are bright and colorful, make sure the font and text color are easy to read as well. Nothing is worse than not being able to read your message! Take a look into the emotions tied to different colors and double check you aren’t attracting the wrong customers (who may or may not buy). Utilize different lighting situations with your card so you know how easy it is to read in day time, nighttime, inside and out. 

Are you advertising in more than one physical location? Test out different designs of your rack cards and do some market research to see which was more effective. This can be as simple as using a different image or changing how your offer/product is worded. Offer incentives on some and not on others so you can gather some data. Also consider how your cards are being handed out – are they stationary on a rack, or do you have someone physically handing them out to passersby? These are both going to affect how effective your rack cards are, and what design you should choose.

Choose the right printer. You can have the most beautiful design in the world, with the best CTA your team has ever created, and the wrong printer can screw it all up. Process, quality and customer service are all things you should be thinking about when picking a local business printer. Also consider what other business printing needs you have currently, or might have in the future. Business cards, brochures, notepads, magnets, etc are all items you might want to source at the same time. Building a relationship with your printing company can be extremely helpful if something goes wrong. While online printing companies are super popular, they can’t offer the same service the best local business printer can. 

Think about your long-term marketing plan. Are these rack cards something that you will be needing to order again and again? Take advantage of volume printing discounts and spread your budget even further! While you’re at it, consider what your end goal is for these rack cards. Can you include a coupon or discount code for your business? Or if you offer a set menu of items (such as a bakery, café, restaurant, etc) think about including those on the back side of the card so your customers can have easy access to your information and items, right on their fridge!



4 Things you can’t forget about

Use big, bright, full color high-resolution images, without watermarks. Your printing company should be able to give you additional requirements for their printers such as bleed lines, file types, and can offer any suggestions to ensure your rack cards come out exactly how you want them to. The best business printing companies should offer proofs prior to the final printing of your project, giving you time to make any changes, fix any errors, and brighten any colors.

Give an immediate benefit, incentive, or reason to buy! When you include an incentive, discount code, coupon, etc you create a way to collect some data to analyze for future rack cards, it also gives you the opportunity to win a new customer. People are more likely to purchase an item if they perceive they are getting a discount or a freebie with a coupon, so make it worth your while and offer a small incentive, valid only with the rack card.

Think outside of the box with a Call-to-Action. It’s easy to create a QR code, and these days everyone has a smartphone readily available to scan and go. QR codes also allow you to connect with your customers via social media platforms (think about your digital marketing strategy too!), email newsletters they can sign up for, and even take them to invite only shopping links on your site. 

Your business information should be a no-brainer for any marketing material, but sometimes we overlook small details like our website, address, phone number, etc when we are caught up in the excitement of something new. Make sure to do a double-check of any required information before sending it off to your printing company. These are especially important if you have recently moved locations, changed how customers can contact you, or if you have social media handles that your customers can find you at.

No matter what your business printing needs are, you should pick a local printing company that can produce products you are happy with, that include vibrant colors, crisp lines, and are going to help you succeed. Rack cards are a great way to get your business into the hands of potentially missed customers, grabbing their attention with your bold colors, stunning images, and can’t miss incentives. 

Printing Expressly For You offers custom rack cards for your business, no matter the industry. Our graphic designers can help bring your ideas to life and create stunning rack cards that your customers can’t help but grab!