Creating Print Ready Files

Color Space
There are 2 basic types of color space: RGB and CMYK. The RBG color space is not used in printing, but rather only for devices using a backlit light source. In the printing world we use CMYK inks, so make sure to set up your files using the correct colors and you won’t be disappointed!

When we look at your files, we pay attention to print resolution. This tells us just how clear or pixellated your images and text will be when they come out of the printer. When you set up your documents, first set up the correct size you want the final prints to be, then tell the program what print resolution or dots per inch (DPI) you need. To be safe, always set up your documents with at least 300 DPI for best results.

Accepted File Formats
Here at Printing ExpressKolor For You, we want your projects to come out the way you intended. This means that when you provide us with good quality print-ready files, the better the result will be.

For printers, high-resolution PDF files are always preferred. Below are accepted and not accepted file formats for your reference.

For printers, bleed is what we call the images and graphics that go beyond the edge of page. In other words, the bleed area is the extra space on the edges to be trimmed off. Printers will print your file on large sheets and cut your document down to the final size. The cutting blade on every machine has a small amount of movement each time it cuts. This is where the bleed area comes in.

Printers need a minimum of 1/8” of extra graphics extending beyond the edges of the document. Because each edge of your document needs to include 1/8” bleed on every side, be sure to add 1/4” to your document’s height and width. Doing this will ensure plenty of room for us to cut your final print to the perfect size.

That’s it for the basics! If you have any other questions about file setup, bindary inquiries or how to make your colors turn out amazing, please don’t hesitate to contact our graphics department.

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