Give your brand a megaphone! Let our experienced graphic designers and sign makers utilize your current marketing materials to create the sign YOU need in your business!

As businesses start to open back up, and society starts to return to a more “normal”, retail business owners should be prepared for an increase in foot traffic, rotating through more promotional/marketing items, and need to have clear messaging to reach their target audience in their signage. Competition will begin picking back up, and it’s important to be ahead of the game by having a cohesive marketing plan, and partnering with a great local printer to get the job done. From A-Frame sidewalk signs to indoor display signs directing your customers to a sale area – Printing ExpressKolor For You has you covered!

Why signage matters

Signage provides clear communication to your customers and allows them to quickly determine where to go, or something about their safety (i.e. – COVID related safety measures, spills, etc). It also informs them about sales, or other important information for their shopping experience. When you have too many signs that clash on design, font, style, color, it can confuse customers – preventing them from being able to make a decision. 

Having cohesive signage across all of your branding also means your customers will start to associate your branding with your business! Brand awareness is created through your customers’ repeated view of your logo, font, colors, and design. Experienced graphic designers on staff are trained in taking your existing marketing materials and creating additional signage that creates a seamless experience for your customers, no matter where they look in your store. 

According to a 2015 FedEx survey, over 50% of people said “that poor signage (e.g., poor quality, misspelled words) deters them from entering a place of business.” That means you could be doubling the number of people entering your store, simply by utilizing a good printer and sign maker, such as Printing ExpressKolor For You. Sharp images, clean lines, bright colors, and eye-catching graphics will make your customers run through your doors!


Is signage cost effective?

The cost to acquire a customer with a sign is much lower than traditional marketing methods such as billboards, bus ads, radio ads, and TV ads. This is because you only pay for the sign once, and it can bring your customers week after week, year after year. Other forms of marketing such as social media ads, email marketing, etc can get costly when you are paying per click, or over a long time for advertisement. A good sign should evoke a specific feeling in people (your messaging should show your customer how your product or service can solve that problem), and quality print shops can assist with color theory to ensure customers are getting the correct message. 

Signs are also environmentally friendly, as they aren’t producing a material good that your customer might take and then dispose of. Signs have a much longer shelf life than other forms of marketing, and are often only updated when big changes occur – such as operating hours, location, or a change in directions for customers to find something within the store.


Does size matter?

While most people would say the bigger the sign, the more traffic it brings into your store, this isn’t always accurate. As discussed earlier, you can easily deter your customers simply because of your signage. With that in mind, if you have a ginormous sign on the window in front of your store, that is hard to read, has poor lighting, and doesn’t tell your customers what you do – that is definitely not helping you reach your ideal customer, or sales goals, and is not utilizing your marketing budget wisely. 

The location that your sign will be placed can help you determine what size sign you need in order to be visible to customers. Are you placing it near the highway where people will be cruising past at 60+ MPH? Or where there will be more foot traffic in a mall where people might slowly window shop as they pass by? These are factors in what size sign you should be utilizing, as well as the type of messaging you should include, and the materials that your sign is made of. Drivers aren’t going to read long lines of text – you don’t want your sign to cause any auto accidents. Conversely, people walking past may not respond as well to abrupt neon lights flashing. 

Depending on the location, appropriate sign size, and the message you are sending to your customers, you need experienced sign makers on the job to ensure you aren’t wasting your time or money. Printing ExpressKolor For You will take your existing marketing materials, designs, vibes, and overarching messaging to create a cohesive sign that’s guaranteed to bring you customers.


What types of signs should a business owner consider?

Wall Signs – these are created in a variety of shapes, sizes, and can be extremely versatile in a business. Think about a new line of products, a menu or list of services, or even giving shout outs to employees for dedication to the company.

A-Frame Signs – these are easy to put up and take down, and can be switched out with information easily to accommodate a variety of promotions you have going on. These are weather durable, and can be used inside or outside without issue.

Banner Stands/Roll-up Stands – banner stands can (and often are) used for 5+ years because of their durability, and ease of use. Don’t worry about needing screws, nails, or other tools when using these stands! They hold themselves up, and provide ample space for your message. Include graphics, colors, and strong call to actions.

Other sign types – there are dozens of types of signs, for every location, weather condition, and need of the business. It’s important to always ask your print shop what options are available, and what they recommend.



Questions to ask when thinking about signs

One of the first things you will need to determine is your budget for marketing materials. Experienced print shops and sign makers are well worth their cost when you don’t need to reorder every few months due to wear and tear, so it’s important to know what your budget is. Additionally, consider how often you will be needing to update your marketing materials – are you ordering time specific sales signs? Or can you utilize a more general sign that can be used over and over, saving you time and money down the road?

Are your signs going to work in various weather conditions? Rain, snow, and sunshine can all change how effective your signage is, and how visible customers can still read your message in those conditions. 

No matter where your current marketing is at, Printing ExpressKolor For You can take existing designs and transform them into stunning signs that get your message across to new and existing customers, showing you care about quality products for your business. Our team of experienced graphic designers and sign markers are trained in making sure your voice is heard, and visible. We will walk through your existing materials, and put together a cohesive plan, so you can rest assured that your directional signage, outdoor branding, trade show, wall signs, and window graphics are in pristine condition!