Keep pressing me and you’ll wish I was a sandwich board! 

Target, Starbucks, and the local mom and pop diner that’s been rated best breakfast for 15 years running all have one thing in common. They didn’t get to where they are because they didn’t have signs! Their signage is on point! Customers new and old are drawn to these places because of their various displays – they offer the best ice cream, the *hottest* swimwear, and anything to satisfy your thirst all in their signage. There is no guessing where you are, what you’ll be offered, and what to expect.

Did you know that in late 2019 research came out that showed roughly 80% of people entered a business for the first time because of their signage? That is an incredible amount of potential sales that you didn’t have to even ask for! Research also showed that almost 60% of people chose not to enter a business because of their lack of signage!  Those numbers speak for themselves when it comes to the importance of having signs as a brick and mortar, no matter your industry.  

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced a number of businesses to close, temporarily and unfortunately for some, permanently. For those that were able to stay open, the question of how to obtain customers when people aren’t walking by your storefront was at the forefront of many business owners’ minds. Small businesses were forced to quickly pivot from new customers walking by their stores, to mostly online sales, utilizing social media, reviews, and sometimes creating an entirely new online shopping experience for their customers. But with states reopening at a quick pace, the need for print signage is more important than ever! Budgets can be small, timelines quick and the desire for a good return on investment can lead to small business owners printing their own marketing materials, having a friend design and print at Kinkos, and who knows what else. But a quality printing company can work within your budget, provide skilled graphic designers with expert advice, and access to materials you (or your friend) wouldn’t have. The small investment into a professional is well worth it when customers are raving about your beautiful signs, coming back, and sharing on social media (which is a free form of marketing!).


Tell the world that you are OPEN AND READY FOR BUSINESS! Check out these 6 tips for how to make the most of your signs, whether indoor or outdoor, and watch business soar through this reopening period!


  1. Choose the right material for the job! If you will be placing it outdoors, then make sure the materials are weather appropriate. Especially if you live here in the Pacific NW where it can rain, hail, and be full of sun all in the same day! If your sign is going to be housed indoors, what type of lighting will be present during operating hours? Does the text color need to be adjusted to ensure customers can read your sign clearly? Will the sign be in a high touch place where little hands can grab corners and potential tear something? There are so many things to take into consideration when designing your sign. Not sure what materials you need? Check out our Signage Options here, and feel confident that our team can help you choose the best material for your intended purpose.
  2. Now that window browsing is making an entrance after a long 18+ month hiatus, consider the psychology behind marketing. Certain colors evoke certain emotions, and people are known to make decisions based on impulse, so use some science to make your sign more attractive to potential customers. ( Where is your sign located? Is it visible from eye level or big enough to see (and read!) from someone driving by or does it require a microscope to read anything on it? Bright colors are going to draw your customers attention more so than dark, but also think about what other stores’ signs could be near it – does your sign stick out.
  3. Answer customer questions before they ask – some businesses have chosen to continue having customers wearing face masks. If your business has new policies and guidelines, make sure your signage appropriately answers questions to avoid any issues. This can include directional signage to keep the flow of customers going one way or another, no touch zones to allow for social distancing, or even letting them know you are back to pre-covid policies.
  4. Welcome customers back into your shop! Make it known how excited you are to see smiling faces again. Perhaps you moved locations since the last time your customers have been in – your signage lets them know they are in the right place! Use signage to provide a map, menu, special, or anything else of importance. Get creative, be bold, and show your customers all of the wonderful things you’ve been working hard on since they were last in.
  5. We live in a world of constantly changing internet marketing tools and experts. So many businesses have switched entirely to online marketing in the last year, but what those businesses don’t realize is that physical signage is and always has been one of the most effective marketing tools available to business owners. Different types of signage can offer a “free salesman” for your business – think about it, the sign is always standing out there, bringing in customers, just like a salesman would – except it’s a one time cost investment and with some good designers like the ones here, your design will yield a significant return on investment!
  6. Double check and make sure it’s right! Signs come in ALL sizes. Big bold signs can draw the attention of the masses in wonderful ways, but done poorly they can be a marketing disaster! Make sure your branding is consistent across all of your marketing materials, but especially your print materials. Small mistakes can be costly and time intensive – it’s always better to measure twice and cut once!


There is nothing more important for your business than consistent brand awareness. Social media, websites, business cards, signage and everything in between all need to have a cohesive marketing strategy. Print signage is a cost effective way to have successful marketing that doesn’t require much maintenance. Social media requires the constant updating of status, posts, comments, messages. Radio and TV marketing is expensive and can often be hard to target a specific audience. But print marketing can last a long time for a small upfront cost, can be weather resistant and can be easily moved in some cases to accommodate traveling, trade shows, busy times of day, or anything else you may need. 

Custom printing is a skill in the business printing world! Not just everyone can provide the knowledge and expertise needed to craft beautifully branded marketing materials stocked in a customer facing portal. Thankfully here at Printing Expressly For You our talented graphic design team has years of experience to design up anything you can think of, allowing you to order your routine items with ease, knowing what to expect each time you check out.